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Should you need to renovate your existing shop front you will discover a variety of ways this can be completed. Initially, you can simply just give it a coat of paint or a good old thorough clean. Yet that�s not always the most effective measure in the end so it's possible you'll need to give consideration to some more suitable options. That�s where a completely new aluminum shop front comes into play.

glass shop fronts

Aluminium shop fronts

By far the most efficient and long-term solution is to use aluminum as a material. The lengthened life this allows you over regular timber or painted steel products is by far and away the number one selling point. Aluminium basically lasts, it doesn�t go rotten like timber or require repeated maintenance and it can be powder coated in any color, usually looking contemporary and neat and tidy.

Elegance and personalisation

You can create a classy appearance to your shop front which in turn in turn draws in potential customers. Stamping your brand on your point of contact with clients is generally useful and this is a great way to do it.

Security measures

glass shop fronts

Security is usually a concern with most shops and businesses so we build that in at the start of the project. Give some thought to the effectiveness of modern aluminum and glass installations in comparison with that of timber and you have your first point of security and safety. Aluminum framing brings much more durability and stability to your frontage. Following that, look at the enhanced security that a new front door with modern fittings delivers. Even auto doors can now be built much more secure than the dated door systems.

Visible elegance

If you�re working with glass shop fronts then aluminium �bordering� much changes the visible elegance bringing about not only a designer-styled visual appearance but an emphasis on brand. Given that high street and business units will want to promote their brand, this is a cheap and effective way to do it.

Transforming your shop front can lead to greater business as you now have a brand and a welcoming first impression given to the prospective client. It�s the same notion as kerb appeal for brand new house buyers; get this correct and you�ll have a much easier sale.